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QUICK PROGRAMMING NOTE: I apologize in advance for the short write up this week. I’m in the process of packing up my life for a two-thirds cross-country move, and am a bit short on time. Unfortunately, I will not be able to break down the Round of 8 with the detail and analysis that it deserves. The polls are staying open on this round a little later than normal, because I’ll be on the road next Monday-Wednesday. I’ll find a Starbucks or some place with free WIFI near my soon-to-be home for a write up later next week.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some quick notes from the Round of 16:

  • Javale McGee steamrolled the utterly-forgettable Miguel the Legdropper in last week’s matchup, winning by the largest margin in the tournament for the 2nd week in a row.
  • Piggy Poop Balls won his matchup against A.J. Daulerio, making Daulerio the first and only two-seed to lose thus far. The Deadspin regional final now comes down to Poop Balls against Oddibe McDowell’s Water Bill in what is being referred to by at least one writer as “A pretty intriguing matchup.”
  • In the ESPN regional, Bill Simmons and Coors Light Cold Hard Facts both emerged victorious, proving once and for all that nobody wants anything to do with First Take.
  • While lesser men have succumbed to the power of bath salts in the past, they proved to be no match for Rob Gronkowski who now finds himself going head to head against NBA legend and Who’s Nower behemoth, Javale McGee.
  • PFTCommenter continued his push for the title, defeating Seal’s Grammy-Winning Hit, “Kiss from a Rose” in a landslide. While its run for the title of most Nower might be over, something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Seal’s Grammy-Winning Hit, “Kiss from a Rose.”
  • In other PFTCommenter-related news, he became the first contestant to appear in the comments section of the competition, offering some choice words for a supporter of Seal's Grammy-Winning Hit, "Kiss from a Rose" in the Round of 16. Now facing the Hollywood “it girl” Jennifer Lawrence, he definitely has the toughest road to the championship of any one seed, but as Ric Flair once said, “To be the best, ya gotta beat the best, woo!

Thanks again to everybody who has voted thus far. Let’s get to the voting. Polls for the Round of 8 will close around 7 or 8 PM EST on Wednesday, June 12th.

Head over to Heading for the Exits to cast your votes now!

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